Caesar, "The Dental Dog"
Caesar became part of our office in the fall of 2011, he was found in a dumpster at the high school at only 3 weeks old. He became part of our family at four weeks old.  Since he was so very little we had to bring him to work because he needed round the clock care. We thought when he got big enough we would stop bringing him to the office, but when our patients found this out they asked for him to please stay..... and that was that, the Dental Dog was born. Caesar brushes and flosses his teeth just like we do. ( we even have video on our face book page). He loves to say Hi to EVERYONE and get treats. Come on by and Meet our little dental dog if you haven't already but we warn you..... He'll steal your heart!

About Us


Tamara is our Office Manager and an RDA. She has been with us for over 20 years. She is happily married  and has two children,  four children if we include Caesar and Pompii the dental dogs. She is very involved with neonate (bottle baby) kitten rescue, and works closely with the local shelters and rescue groups to help save as many lives as she can,  you never know when we might have babies in the office. Her second love is baking cheesecakes, custom cakes and cupcakes for Sweet & Chic Pastries. She loves using her patients as taste testers!

Happy Spring & Welcome Home!

Blakely & Raine  are the sweetest members our our team. They are our RDG (registered dental greeters, certified in cuteness!) and Rachel's daughters.  They has been the best addition to our family so far! They are Doctor's very first ever dental hygiene students... it will only take 23 years for them to graduate.  Come by and say hi, They LOVE to meet new people.

Meet Our Staff

Athens Dental Centre & United Dental Co Op

Meet Our Doggy Dental Staff

Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our office and staff. We are the FIRST EVER dental office to have a "Co-Op Membership" which takes the place of dental insurance for MUCH less and delivers so much more! Please call for more information.

We are so proud of our warm home like setting. You will feel at ease the moment you step through our door.  First you will be greeted by a warm happy smile and a hardy hello! Next you will notice that our office looks and smells more like someone's home and not at all like a "clinic." Take a moment to relax on our comfy sofa, although you won't have much time to sit.  We  pride ourselves on making sure our patients' wait is as short as possible, usually less than 15 minutes. From there you will be greeted again and  escorted to one of our lovely rooms where we have the latest in technology to make your time with us as quick and comfortable as possible.
We are happy to say we have been proudly providing some of the best dental care available in the Athens area since 1995.
Come join our family! We look forward to seeing you soon. 

To schedule an appointment or more information on our Co-Op membership, please call: 423-744-0668 

Rachel RDH is doctor's hygienist,  

She is happy and smiling ALL the time, she is like our own little elf. She loves animals, football ( she REALLY loves football) and spending time with her husband and daughters.  Rachel loves helping patients' get that healthy happy mouth they have always wanted and she is so very gentle she can put even the biggest scardy cat at ease. 

Pompeia "The Love Pirate"
This sweet girl is also a rescue, she came to us in February of 2015 from a local rescue group. Pompii loves everyone and just wants kisses and belly rubs... well and maybe a few cookies.  She has been a wonderful addition and the kids all love her!