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Dr. Stillwell feels the best smile is a healthy smile. His goal is to give all of his patients the happiest, healthiest and whitest smile they can have.

Photo Albums of Crown and Bridge work

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Photo Album of Denture and Partials


Photo Albums of Tooth Colored Fillings


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Athens Dental Centre & United Dental Co Op

Soft Tissue Management (Gum Disease): We treat most forms of gum disease right here in our office. We have a program to treat almost every stage of this very aggressive disease, most of the time without having to be referred out of our office, and once you have treated this disease we can help you maintain it!

Tooth Colored Fillings: For adults and children, so natural most people can't see them!

Implant Services: Implants are for anyone that wants to replace missing teeth.
Attention Denture Sufferers! Want to stop those dentures from moving? Want to get rid of those dentures or partials all together? We can help! Talk to us about implant services to find which one is best for you!

Crowns: We can completely change your smile with crowns.  We can change the size, shape and color! That new beautiful smile is only a few appointments away!

Bridges: Want to fill in missing teeth you don't have to take out? Bridges do just that, and ours are natural and beautiful.

Dentures: Some of the best fitting and most natural looking you will find! Did you love your old smile? Bring us a picture and we can almost always match that look to your new dentures!

Partials: We offer some of the best fitting and best looking partials around.  We make sure they look as natural as possible, to help create that beautiful smile you want.

Treating Gum Disease or STM